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I'm not going anywhere

Repost from February 14 2015

It's Valentine's day this weekend.

I know this mainly because adverts and marketing emails keep badgering me to tell me what I should be buying for it. The daffodils have been hounded out of sight and replaced by row upon row of roses. If you're in a relationship you find yourself walking that tightrope between doing something that's naff and doing something that's ridiculously overpriced and commercialised.
I heard Tim Keller speak this week. He said that there are three different categories of close relationships:

- you can be loved but not fully known, which is superficial and unsatisfying
- you can be fully known but not loved which is terrifying and crippling and what we fear the most - or you can be fully known and deeply loved. Which is what we know we need - deep down -  and which is life-changing. 
Whatever you're doing this weekend - take some time out to think about the third one.
If you're a Christian you have been l…

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