Dear Blogosphere

Hello dear beloved blog readers,

Thank you - my blog hit 10,000 views at some point over New Year. Sometimes blogging feels like a surreal and lonely enterprise. You write and edit and hesitate and publish and then...  wonder if anyone is reading apart from your mother. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the views on my blog are generated by monkeys or some automated computer searches in Antartica but ...

You real life blog readers you - I'm so excited that you exist, and I genuinely enjoy the fact that mostly I have no idea who you are.  I know incidental things about all of you - (like what web browser you use, your country, which blog posts you like the best and that some of you appear to be reading them at 4am) - and occasionally someone comes out of the woodwork with a comment or an email or a 'Cat, your blog....' reminding me that you are living, breathing real-life people, not just google stats.

Here's the thing:

Now that I can't get away from the fact that people are reading, I'd love the blog to pay more attention to its audience.

So I'm asking for your help. What kind of posts would you like to see more of (or less of)?

Some topic ideas I have for 2015:

- continuation of my series on singleness
- some true stories about God's grace in apparent rubbish and hopelessness
- a series on mental illness and how to think about it from a Christian viewpoint
- (very eccentrically) a selection of biblical reflections based on Into the Woods  (Yes, I am probably the only one who wants to read that) which would mainly be about how our desires are deceitful.

I'm also wondering whether to make the blog a little bit more devotional in tone...  - i.e. writing a little more directly about Bible passages.

All ideas and suggestions welcome. Comment/message/inbox me.

With love.


  1. I love you and I love the way you write, you truly have a gift. Everytime I get a little e-notification about a new post on this blog I know I'm in for a treat whatever the topic. :)
    Writing about singleness and mental illness is very brave so I'd encourage you to continue doing that. As for the rest... sure, why not! (that probably didn't help!?!)

  2. This is probably not quite what you were hoping for as a response but what I like about reading your blog is that it hasn't got an agenda. I like the fact that the thoughts are clearly as they occur to you - it gives it a very 'real' feel - this authenticity is valuable.

    So keep sharing what matters to you and you'll keep appealing to people. And I particularly like how you cross post to Google+.

    PS I'm one of the ones on chrome - but I don't tend to read at 4am.

  3. Hi Catherine, I've been reading for about a year and have enjoyed what you have to say. I think often with blogs and blogging God uses the hidden element powerfully - you are reaching people and blessing people without being aware. Keep going

  4. I think I've enjoyed everything I've read that you've written, so mine's another vote for "write what you're passionate about" - it seems to be working ;)

  5. Hi all - thank you so much! I think I was having a - oh my goodness my blog is a haphazard mess and I need to sort it out moment. But the general consensus is that you don't mind haphazard :)

    Thanks for the encouragement and the kind words.

  6. Cat, If I may add my two cents akin to that which Gilbert Blythe told Ann Shirley, write about the things God gives you a passion for :-)


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